Why do we find the need to ‘Check in’?

So the other day my friend was discussing with me what he had recently been learning about in sociology. He was telling me about how there is a pattern with people who go out on the weekend and post about it and ‘check in’ on facebook.

And it got me thinking about all the social media outlets one might utilise when they do in fact do a certain activity and how it can influence marketing of a certain business.

So for instance a night out on the town usually follows a pattern somewhat similar to this one..

  1. pre-drinks


2. selfies –> post to instagram


3. discuss random conversational topics with friends –> post a tweet. start mass hashtag trend and debate.

“Hannah Montana versus Miley Cyrus #whoisbetter”

4. head out to party/club –> check in

“gettin white gurrl w8sted!”

5. hack friends facebook –> ‘like’ embarrassing pages

6. then later proceed to check in to maccas and then upload photos of your night out.

Another typical pattern belongs to those fitness addicts. They check in at the gym, share photos of their healthy, clean eating meal or review that latest protein powder from bulk nutrients on twitter.

Anyway what i’m getting at is this pattern. And for some reason people have this desire to let other people know what they are doing, what they’re wearing, who they’re with and so on and so on.


As a marketer there must be so many opportunities to exploit from this trend.
And i’m pretty sure I’ve seen or heard of companies displaying signs in store with promotions along the lines of “check in to receive 20% off your frozen yogurt” or even “like us on facebook”.

But how else as marketers can we make people actually want to check in at ‘Mynt’ or want to show that they’re drinking Absolut Vanilla vodka, or wearing those new nike free runs, or swear that Bulk Nutrients whey protien isolate cookies and cream gets you huge?

And i think ultimately it comes down to developing your brand’s image long before you think about the social media side of things. If you’re business is passionate about something and you’re good at what you do, then your consumers are obviously going to want a bar of it and want to be recognised as being associated with that image that your brand portrays. Naturally the check ins and likes will follow.

So in my opinion brands should worry less about how many ‘likes’ and ‘check ins’ they have and start focusing on what they stand for and develop a following of consumers who value the fact that what the business does, it does well.

Any brands that you know excel at something or have an image which you want to be associated with?

or have you seen any recent incentives advertised by brands to get you to ‘check in’ or ‘like’ their page?

Lettuce know 😉


She took a picture of what?!


Love them or hate them, there’s no doubt that they’re flooding your social media feeds.

In case your over 25 and have never heard of the term, a selfie is;

  • A picture of you with your face in it
  • The photo was taken by yourself without the help of another human 
  • You shared the photo on the internet – instagram, twitter, facebook, tumblr and so on.

And there is a fair amount of debate and cringing over the appropriateness of a selfie. And its all very subjective as to whether a selfie is good or compeltely and utterly embarrassing.

And I suppose there are rules as to when a selfie is allowed.

Firstly, please dont take yourself too seriously.


Dont pout/ duck face.


Dont hashtag #bored #nomakeup or #selfie. We can see that its a selfie, thank you.


Dont show us your boobs.


And dont take too many selfies. Your ratio of selfies to photos of other stuff has to be 1:8. If scrolling through your instagram profile and you have more than 1 selfie in every 9 square grid, you’re verging on being a selfie whore.

Even with these rules though, I still feel that there are times when selfies just aren’t appropriate. Why, Im not entirely sure. But I think I get annoyed when i see a selfie taken and it seems that the pure objective of the person taking it is to achieve  ‘likes’.

Is it a popularity contest? Maybe.

I think that the biggest problem I have with selfies is that when people take a million photos of themselves before they’re satisfied with the lighting and then apply a filter (one of instagrams biggest calling cards) to enhance their features they are clearly trying show off.

Dont even get me strated on gym selfies.

What are people achieving with those? Surely they’re a search for pure praise and acknowledgement of how much of a hard worker and healthy person they are.
do you feel bad when you see these?

Dont. The art of the selfie is that it can be purley manufactured by the selfier.

But with no roadblocks for selfies on the social media highway there is no doubt that the selfie will be around for a while.

Thank you Instagram.

do you take selfies? why dont’/do you do it?

and before you point it out, yes my display picture is essentially a selfie. but it was manufactured that way. The angle of my hand holding my phone didnt work well for the intended picture. so i got my friend to take the photo for me with my arm held out towards the camera to make it look like i took it.

i know, the epitome of cool.

Here’s the original selfie