Jimmy Kimmel twerks us around

so this weeks post incorporates a little somethin’ somethin’ from my last two posts…



and lying…

this week this video went viral…

In half an hour i saw it shared by friends on facebook, had it messaged to me by my brother and saw it on the front page of reddit. later that week i chatted to friends about it and we laughed at the embarrassment that the featured  girl must be feeling right now. It was ALL over the net and everyone knew about it. i think its fairly safe to say that this was a viral video.

but as per my usual scannings of The Age online i discovered something shocking. That twerking video was a fake.


That talk show host  Jimmy Kimmel fooled us all.

He revealed the hoax on his show stating that the girl in the video was actually a stunt woman and that the video was made a couple of months back and then uploaded to youtube via a private channel not linked to the show.

Kimmel laughs about how renowned TV networks across the country showed the clip believing it was real and then a few days later showed it again highlighting the fact that it was indeed fake.

What a double whammy for kimmel. Twice the free advertiment.

Kimmel also mentions that we can now no longer trust the internet. Well kimmel, i think we all became a bit sceptical a while ago now but your use of deception is quite genius. i find this all quite fasincating and brilliant.

Since the video went viral, viewer ratings for kimmel’s show have increased as well as a huge increase in google searchs -Cheers Kogan for the google trends tip ;D

This incident reminded me of another similar video not too long ago of a marriage proposal in a Dubai shopping mall.

Quickly, speculation grew of the authenticity of this video and it was soon found that the video was in fact a set up.
The video coincided with Cadbury’s ‘not so sweet’ campaign and features a train running through the scene halfway through the video featuring the brand’s logo.

So it made me think. do we as viwers really appreciate this kind of material? does it work?

A quick search on ‘not so sweet’ and ‘cadbury’ in google trends showed a steep spike in searches and then back to a a plateau.

And i suppose all viral videos kind of work in the same way. The generate rapid momentum and interest, and its all we can talk about for a week, and then a month later its as if Rebecca Black never even existed.

So is it worth big brands going to all the effort to turn their videos viral?

Have you guys seen or can think of any long term viral videos that have stuck?

Let me know 🙂

i like viral videos.


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