they’re….lying to us?

so im a little disappointed.

Apparently Beyonce may not actually like pepsi despite what this picture may suggest..Image

does KK even wear these bad boys?


Does George Clooney actually prefer to drink nespresso coffee as opposed to real coffee?


does dr dre even wear beats by dre?


… well quite potentially no.

But thats ok, because we all know that these are quite obviously paid endorsements. but recently after reading an article in The Age it only kinda dawned on me the power of a celebrities tweet.

Twitter is all too exciting when we actually get to see what celebrities are up to. it feels so personal when Justin Beiber tweets “gonna sleep at the studio”…

but aside from telling people your every daily move, i do appreciate twitter as a a source to write compliments or complaints about a brand.

This leads to my point…


how do we know when a celebrity – or anyone for that matter- is giving their own legitimate opinion on a brand, product or service or when it is being endorsed or sponsored by a third party?

I feel that when we can clearly see an advertisement with a celeb in it, we know its been paid for.

But how do i know if kk really likes eos lip balm or if she just got paid $10, 000 to say that she does.

$10, 000 is a lot of money for less than 140 characters.

Apparently though, the more followers you have on twitter, the more money people are likely to give you to say something nice about their brand.

But its so misleading!!

Have you ever bought a product or tried something just because someone you follow or like gave a great review about it?

Seen any blatantly obvious endorsed tweets lately?

lemme know 😉


3 thoughts on “they’re….lying to us?

  1. Lines really are blurred now. it is completely misleading and so hard to determine the truth. it’s much easier to tell if a brand is endorsed through images, but words make it harder to judge.

  2. It is hard to know whether people are accepting a sponsorship because they actually believe in a product, or whether they’re just doing it for the endorsement money. Personally I like to keep my belief that George does like Nespresso, I guess it just depends on whether you feel like that celebrity is being authentic. I think it comes down to time a bit as well – usually over time you can see whether someone is consistent in their behaviours and beliefs. It is easy to get sucked in though, and a paid opinion is worse than no opinion at all

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